Create Message Templates 創建消息模板
Your first stop in working with advanced functions is here, where you will learn how to create Message Templates, skyrocketing your efficiency and carrying over to other tools in later sections!

What is Message Template? 甚麼是消息模板?

Message Templates allow you to create templated, formatted messages long before it has to be sent. It solves the problem to redundant work, saving time and energy for your team to redirect elsewhere.消息模板允許您在發送之前很久就創建模板化、格式化的消息。 它解決了重複工作的問題,為您的團隊節省時間和精力轉移到其他地方。
However, in using WhatsApp Business API, rules from WhatsApp applies - meaning that templates made must be approved by WhatsApp before it can be used. 但是,在使用 WhatsApp Business API 時,要適用 WhatsApp 的規則 - 這意味著製作的模板必須經過 WhatsApp 批准才能使用。

How to find Message Templates? 如何找到消息模板?

You can find Message Templates under Broadcast in the right main menu, and upon clicking, you will access the list of templates previously worked on, their categories and their status in regards to approval by WhatsApp Business API. 您可以在右側主菜單中的廣播下找到消息模板,點擊後,您將訪問以前處理過的模板列表、它們的類別以及它們在 WhatsApp Business API 批准方面的狀態。

How to create Message Templates? 如何創建消息模板?

On the top right of the page, you can find the Add Message Template function. Click to enter and you will see prompts to fill template details, and content. 在頁面的右上角,您可以找到添加消息模板功能。 單擊進入,您將看到填寫模板詳細信息和內容的提示。
Here you can add headers, the content to populate the body and/or buttons. The flexibility is in your hands to design it to fit your business needs and imBee provides a preview to keep you and your team aware of how it will look in use! 您可以在此處添加標題、填充正文和/或按鈕的內容。 您可以靈活地設計它以滿足您的業務需求,imBee 提供預覽,讓您和您的團隊了解它的使用效果!

The Waiting Game 等待中

So what now? Easy. You just wait. It will usually take within 10 minutes for your messages to be approved and usable. 所以現在怎麼辦? 簡單。 你就等著吧。 您的消息通常需要在 10 分鐘內獲得批准和使用。
However, take note! your template may be rejected! For more information, tips, guideline on how to best write your templates, please visit:
但是,請注意! 您的模板可能會被拒絕!有關如何最好地編寫模板的更多信息、提示和指南,請訪問:

What's Next? 下一步是?

Things are getting exciting! We spoke before about creating messages to be sent later, but what if we take another step and schedule them from way before - Next, you will look into how to send Scheduled Messages. 事情變得令人興奮! 我們之前談到過創建稍後發送的消息,但是如果我們採取另一個步驟並從以前的方式安排它們會怎樣 - 接下來,您將研究如何發送排程訊息。
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