Quick Replies 快速回覆
Efficiency is at the heart of imBee. Quick Replies is a solution that will allow users to access long preset messages within a type-in shortcut away. Here you will learn how to create and manage them!
效率是 imBee 的核心。 快速回覆是一種解決方案,允許用戶通過輸入快捷方式訪問長預設消息。 在這裡,您將學習如何創建和管理它們!

What are Quick Replies? 甚麼是快速回覆?

Quick Replies are an incredible tool that we recommend every scaling business should use. What it is is a function that allows users within your company to type in shortcuts in the format of /shortcut to access a library of pre-written messages to attend to frequently asked questions (FAQ) or just general, easy-to-predict queries. It saves time, saves effort and standardizes answers across your company to better consistency and reliability in service.快速回復是一個令人難以置信的工具,我們建議每個擴展業務都應該使用它。 它是什麼功能,允許您公司內的用戶以 /shortcut 的格式鍵入快捷方式,以訪問預先編寫的消息庫,以處理常見問題 (FAQ) 或只是一般的、易於預測的查詢 . 它可以節省時間、精力並標準化整個公司的答案,以提高服務的一致性和可靠性。

How to find Quick Replies? 如何找到快速回复?

You can find Quick replies the same as the other features under settings, and that is in the right main menu, under settings. Here you will then access the list of Quick Replies that you have, alongside information such as their shortcut, their category and who made them, structured within a row - in similar fashion as many of the setting functions. 您可以在設置下找到與其他功能相同的快速回复,即在右側主菜單中的設置下。 然後,您將在此處訪問您擁有的快速回复列表,以及諸如快捷方式、類別和創建者等信息,按行排列 - 以與許多設置功能類似的方式。
Settings>QuickReplies landing page

What are Categories and how to find them? 什麼是類別以及如何找到它們?

So we spoke of Categories and you must be wondering what they are. They are basically groupings of shortcuts and what these are are up to you. In fact you could create and manage them all the same - simply look to the top right of the Quick Replies main page and there will be a Categories button. 所以我們談到了類別,你一定想知道它們是什麼。 它們基本上是快捷方式的分組,這些由您決定。 事實上,您可以完全相同地創建和管理它們 - 只需查看快速回复主頁的右上角,就會有一個類別按鈕。
Once you enter categories, you will be met with a list of available categories that you or previous admin would have already set up. 輸入類別後,您將看到一個可用類別列表,這些類別是您或以前的管理員已經設置的。

How to add and manage Categories? 如何添加和管理類別?

Add Categories 添加類別

To add Categories, simply click Create Categories on the top right corner of the page, where you will be prompted to a creation workspace. 要添加類別,只需單擊頁面右上角的創建類別,系統將提示您進入創建工作區。
Here, you will be able to label the category and even add a description to briefly explain the category for other users. 在這裡,您將能夠為類別添加標籤,甚至可以添加描述以向其他用戶簡要說明該類別。
Click Create to finish. 單擊創建完成。

Manage Categories 管理類別

You will also be able to manage these categories. Back to the Categories page, you can view, on each row, the ordering, the name of the category each row represent, the description and the creator's identity. 您還可以管理這些類別。 返回類別頁面,您可以查看每一行的排序、每行代表的類別名稱、描述和創建者的身份。
To the left of each row you will find a more button that would allow you to access the view function, which would allow you to view more details or edit on the category, or the delete function, which would remove the category, once you confirmed the deletion. 在每一行的左側,您會找到一個更多按鈕,該按鈕允許您訪問查看功能,該功能允許您查看更多詳細信息或編輯類別,或刪除功能,一旦您確認,將刪除該類別。

How to create Quick Replies? 如何創建快速回复?

Once you have become comfortable with dealing with Categories, we come to the main event of this section - Quick Replies. Back to the main Quick Replies page, which you can return to simply by clicking Quick Replies on the directory chain under the page title, you will find a similarly showcased list of Quick Replies and on the top right corner, you will find Create Quick Replies next to the Categories button. 一旦您對處理類別感到滿意,我們就會進入本節的主要事件 - 快速回复。 返回快速回复主頁面,您只需單擊頁面標題下目錄鏈上的快速回复即可返回,您將找到一個類似展示的快速回复列表,並在右上角在類別按鈕旁邊找到創建快速回复。
Here, you will be able to write-in the shortcut you intend to be using, the category it will belong to and when writing the message, write in placeholders, which would represent different fields - these fields are the same Contact Fields previously discussed two sections ago. 在這裡,您將能夠寫入您打算使用的快捷方式、它所屬的類別以及在編寫消息時寫入代表不同字段的佔位符 - 這些字段與之前討論過的兩個聯繫人方式相同。
To re-visit Contact Fields, jump back here: 要重新訪問聯繫人方式,請跳回此處:
When finished, you can click Save. 完成後,您可以單擊保存。

How to manage Quick Replies 如何管理快速回复

Back on the main Quick Replies page, you find that you have a comprehensive view of all the quick replies previously setup and ready to use. In each row, representing each quick reply, to the right of each row is a more function that will allow you access to view, and thus edit or delete, the specific reply or simply just delete them. 返回主快速回复頁面,您會發現您可以全面了解之前設置並準備使用的所有快速回复。 在每一行中,代表每個快速回复,每行右側是一個更多功能,允許您訪問查看,從而編輯或刪除特定回复或只是刪除它們。

View Quick Replies 查看快速回复

Be sure to click Save once finished editing to finalize changes. 完成編輯後,請務必單擊“保存”以完成更改

Delete Quick Replies 刪除快速回复

You will have the opportunity to confirm deletion so be sure that it is one you seek to delete. 您將有機會確認刪除,因此請確保這是您要刪除的內容。

What's Next? 下一步是?

The final setting-up portion is actually very exciting. Being present in every facet of customer facing is absolutely what imBee wants to empower you to do and web chats are especially powerful in this. Next and lastly for Settings, we will look at how to set-up imBee Web Chat. 最後的設置部分非常令人興奮。 照顧到各方面的客戶絕對是 imBee 支持您做的事情,而網絡聊天在這方面尤其強大。 接下來也是最後的設置,我們將看看如何設置 imBee 網絡聊天。
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