What is imBee? 甚麼是imBee?
Begin this journey by understanding what imBee is! Here you will learn what the software does and what it hopes to achieve. 通過了解甚麼是imBee 來開始這段旅程! 在這裡,您將了解這軟件的功能以及它希望實現的目標。

A collaborative inbox with powerful tools for businesses. 具有強大協作工具的企業收件箱。

What is imBee? 甚麼是imBee? 🐝

imBee is a collaborative team inbox with powerful tools for business.
It solves the major problems of messages overload across a variety of different channels, ineffective internal communication and customer replying by unifying different instant messaging (IM) platforms into one integrated team inbox which allows multiple users to collaborate effectively to respond to customers.
ImBee is also equipped with powerful tools such as automation, analytics, tagging, routing, broadcasts and more to advance the traditional customer service workflows into smarter, faster, data-informed operations. ImBee 是一個具有強大的業務工具的協作團隊收件箱。 它通過將不同的即時消息(IM)平台統一到一個團隊收件箱中,讓多個用戶合作及同時回應客戶,從而解決了不同渠道的消息過載、內部溝通低效和客戶回復效率低下的問題。
ImBee 還配備了其他強大的功能,例如自動化、分析、標籤、分流、廣播等,可將傳統的客戶服務工作流程推進到更智能、更快速、以數據為依據的操作中。

What are its major functions? 它的主要功能是甚麼?

Unified 統一性💡

All-in-one. ImBee successfully integrates the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Line, SMS, as well as VOIP capabilities into a one-stop platform, removing the need to tediously switch between platforms manually.
合而為一。 ImBee成功將WhatsApp、Facebook、微信、Line、SMS、VOIP等功能整合到一站式平台,免去繁瑣的手動切換平台。
Exist everywhere. 無處不在。

Collaborative 合作性 🤝

Internal team functions like share, @mention, assign and discuss to effectively allow clear communication and collaboration between teammates in providing the best solutions to customers.
No more errors. 沒有更多的錯誤。

Automated 自動化 ⚙️

Set rules and automation, utilize our easy-to-use Chatbot Builder, Web Widget Builder and more. Revel at our routing to automatically direct messages to different teams to provide your customers with the professional help they need.
利用我們易於使用的 Chatbot Builder、Web Widget Builder 等來設置規則和自動化。 充分運用我們的分流功能,自動將消息發送給不同的團隊,為您的客戶提供他們需要的專業幫助。
Work smarter. 更聰明地工作。

Integrated 整合性 🔌

Inclusion of 3rd party integrations like Zapier and Shopify to encourage scaling of your business. Remain integrated with ever-growing list of connected APIs while remaining an open API.
包括 Zapier 和 Shopify 等第三方整合有助鼓勵擴展您的業務。不斷增長的已連接 API 列表,同時保持開放的 API。
Think big. 眼光長遠。
If you would like to view our comprehensive list of functions, visit our Glossary of Functions here! 如果您想查看我們完整的功能列表,請在此處訪問我們的功能詞彙表!
Visit our website at https://www.imbee.io for more information on our product.
有關我們產品的更多信息,請訪問我們的網站 https://www.imbee.io

What's Next? 下一步是?

Now that you know what imBee is, it's time to get started - and it all starts with you! The next section For You will take you on your first steps to setting up your account to best fit your needs. 現在您知道 imBee 是甚麼,是時候開始了 - 一切都從您開始! 下一部分 "為你而設" 將引導您如何設置帳戶以最適合您的需求。
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