Setting up Account 設置帳戶
This is where you start your foothold in imBee - everyone starts here! Here you will learn how to set up your account to get you up and coming! 這就是您在 imBee 立足的起點 - 每個人都從這裡開始! 在這裡,您將學習如何設置您的帳戶以助您一臂之力!

1. Get Started! 入門

When you first find our platform, you will be met with a Get Started Page - please fill in your information and sign up for free! That's right - a 14-day free trial and no credit cards needed. It is really that simple! 當您第一次找到我們的平台時,您會看到一個入門頁面 - 請填寫您的信息並免費註冊! 沒錯 - 14 天免費試用,無需信用卡。 真的就是這麼簡單!

2. Verify your phone number! 驗證您的電話號碼!

Next, you will receive a 6-digit one-time password to verify your phone number! Enter the code to first access your account. 接下來,您將收到一個 6 位數的一次性密碼來驗證您的電話號碼! 輸入代碼以首先訪問您的帳戶。
If you did not receive the code. You may click to resend it! 如果您沒有收到代碼。 您可以點擊重新發送!

3. Tell us more about your team! 告訴我們更多關於您團隊的信息!

Once you have accessed our platform, this is where we are more than eager to learn about your team. A pop-up will prompt you to input information such as Company name, Company size and more! 一旦您訪問了我們的平台,我們就非常渴望了解您的團隊。 彈出窗口將提示您輸入公司名稱、公司規模等信息!
Click Next to proceed! 點擊下一步繼續!

4. Almost done! 快完成了!

Just a little bit more! Here you will be prompted for your company website, how you intend to use imBee and this is also where you could input a referral code if you, in fact, has been referred by one of our dear customers. Bless! 只是多一點! 在這裡,您將被提示輸入您的公司網站,您打算如何使用 imBee,如果您實際上已被我們的一位親愛的客戶推薦,您也可以在此處輸入推薦代碼。
Click Submit to keep going! 點擊提交繼續!

5. Invite your teammates 邀請你的隊友

You are almost done! here, you can very quickly already start inviting your teammates - or you could do this later and play around with our features before them! 你快完成了! 在這裡,您可以很快開始邀請您的隊友 - 或者您可以稍後再邀請他們,然後在他們之前使用我們的功能!
To add them, simply enter their emails and separate them with a comma for multiple invites! 要添加他們,只需輸入他們的電子郵件並用逗號分隔多個邀請!
Press Next to keep at it! You're really almost there. 按下一步繼續! 你真的快完成了。

6. Woohoo! You're done! 你完成了!

There you go. You're ready to get started! Once registration is finished, you will find more instructions to set up. 去吧! 您已準備好開始! 註冊完成後,您將找到更多設置說明。

Keep going! 繼續!

When you finish registration, your first landing page is our dashboard. This will be where you will first set up your channels! However, we have an entire section dedicated to this. Jump here to learn how to set channels up anytime! 完成註冊後,您的第一個登陸頁面就是我們的儀表板。 這將是您首先設置頻道的地方! 但是,我們有一整個部分專門用於此。 跳到這裡學習如何隨時設置頻道!

Use our WhatsApp Sandbox for trial 試用我們的 WhatsApp 沙盒

You could also try our WhatsApp Sandbox by saving the number +852 30016686 in your contacts or simply scanning the barcode. Begin the chat by sending the code UJn6ok. 您也可以通過在您的聯繫人中儲存號碼 +852 30016686 或只需掃描條形碼來試用我們的 WhatsApp 沙盒。 通過發送代碼 UJn6ok 開始聊天。

Choose other channels to start with 選擇其他頻道開始

However, you could also choose other channels to start with. Simply follow the instructions of each channel! 但是,您也可以選擇其他頻道開始。 只需按照每個頻道的說明操作即可!
If you would like to jump to learn more, visit Channels under Settings, and here in this help centre, we have specific channel instructions too - get reading! 如果您想跳轉以了解更多信息,請訪問“設置”下的“頻道”,在此幫助中心,我們也有特定的頻道說明 - 繼續閱讀吧!

First time? 第一次?

You're in luck! We're happy to let you know that you have nothing to worry about. In tandem with this help centre being your one-stop shop for manuals and how-tos, your first visit at any page within our platform will have you be met by our first-time tips. 你很幸運! 我們很高興地告訴您,您無需擔心。 由於此幫助中心是您獲取手冊和操作方法的一站式商店,因此您第一次訪問我們平台內的任何頁面時,都會收到我們的第一時間提示
These tips will guide you to using our features in no time. no time at all. 這些提示將指導您立即使用我們的功能。

What's Next?下一步是?

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Love to see that your registration is long completed at this point. Next, you will learn to set notifications just as you'd like them. 歡迎,歡迎,歡迎! 很高興看到您的註冊在這一點上已經完成。 接下來,您將學習如何根據需要設置通知
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