Facebook Messenger
Facebook is arguably the progenitor of all-things social media so our team here at imBee found it imperative that you as a business has a channel dedicated to it in using imBee to best your service!
Facebook 可以說是所有社交媒體的先驅,因此imBee 的團隊發現您作為一家企業必須擁有一個專屬的頻道,並使用 imBee 為您提供最佳服務!

Connecting Facebook Messenger to imBee 連接 Facebook Messenger 到 imBee

Like WhatsApp, imBee actually has all these instructions ready within the platform when you connect Facebook Messenger under Add Channels so rest easy knowing that you will be accompanied by clear instructions every step of the way!
與 WhatsApp 一樣,當您在“添加頻道”下連接 Facebook Messenger 時,imBee 在平台內已準備好所有這些說明,因此請放心,您將在每一步都得到清晰的說明!

1. Click "Connect With Facebook" 點擊“連接臉書”

2. Please enter the Facebook page login with password to continue with your Facebook Profile. 請輸入帶有密碼的 Facebook 頁面登錄名以繼續您的 Facebook 個人資料。

3. Select a page which you would like to connect. 選擇您要連接的頁面。

4. Click "DONE" to complete the Integration. 點擊“完成”即可完成整合。

5. And, click "OK" to complete the authorization process 然後,點擊“確定”完成授權

What's Next? 下一步是?

WeChat has become a phenomena in its-all-rounded, all-encompassing platform and we in imBee want our users to be involved in its use to transform their business and take it up a notch. Click Next to learn how to connect WeChat to imBee! 微信是已經是全方位、無所不包的平台,我們 imBee 希望用戶參與到它來改變他們的業務並提升一個檔次。 點擊下一步了解如何將微信連接到imBee!
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