imBee Help Centre
Welcome to 歡迎來到 imBee 🐝
Welcome to Help Centre and here you will be able to find the help, guide and tips you need in using the platform to best serve your business! 歡迎來到 幫助中心,在這裡您能找到最有效地使用這平台所需的幫助和指南!

Are you a new account? 你是新用戶嗎?

If you just started using imBee services, Welcome! we suggest you begin here. 如果您剛開始使用 imBee 服務,歡迎! 我們建議您從這裡開始。

You already have an account? 你已經有一個賬戶嗎?

If you already have your accounts set up, jump right into our step-wise guides here. 如果您已經設置了帳戶,請在此處直接進入我們的引導指南。

Looking to set up different channels? 想設置不同的頻道?

Jump to this section to learn how to set up different instant messaging channels. We are excited to help you get the most of our platform. 跳到本節以了解如何設置不同的即時消息渠道。 我們很高興能幫助您充分利用我們的平台。

In need of troubleshooting? 需要疑難排解?

Don't worry! We have a section dedicated to troubleshooting so you always have the power in hand to use imBee optimally. 別擔心! 我們有一個專門用於疑難排解的部分,因此您能以最佳方式使用 imBee。

Looking for imBee latest news and updates? 在尋找 imBee 最新消息和更新?

We are always growing our business, as well as our technologies. To find out more, jump right into our UPDATES. 我們一直在發展我們的業務以及技術。 想了解更多信息,請直接進入我們的更新。

Can't find what you are looking for? 找不到你想要的?

We are sorry to hear that! If you cannot find the help you are looking for, please directly contact us at xxxx-xxxx. 我們很抱歉聽到這個消息! 如果您找不到所需的幫助,請直接致電 xxxx-xxxx 與我們聯繫。
Our agents would be more than happy to attend to your needs. 我們的代理將非常樂意滿足您的需求。

What's Next? 下一步是?

You and your team can also access information categorized by our features. our Glossary of Functions is comprehensive, and ready to guide you through our proud imBee platform! 您和您的團隊還可以訪問我們按功能分類的資訊。 我們的功能詞彙表很全面,隨時準備引導您使用我們引以為豪的 imBee 平台!
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