Daily Operations 日常操作
Here you will learn the in-and-outs of how to utilize imBee's platform on the daily. We provide guidance of use from the simple intuitive basics to more powerful advanced functions.
在這裡,您將了解如何在日常使用 imBee 平台。 我們提供從簡單直接的基礎到更強大的高級功能的使用指南。

Get busy with the Basics 從基礎入手

In Basics, we will cover how to best manage your team inbox.在"基礎"中,我們將介紹如何最好地管理您的團隊收件箱。
We will help you discover the navigations within the chat UI, tag, assign and more functions to improve your productivity in replying and providing the best customer service through instant messaging. 我們將幫助您發現聊天 UI 中的導航、標籤、分配和更多功能,以提高您回覆的效率,並通過即時消息提供最佳客戶服務。
To jump right into the Basics, click here: 要直接進入"基礎",請單擊此處:

Go Next Level with Advanced Functions 進入進階功能

In Advanced functions, we will cover to escalate your productivity within our team inbox to a higher level. 在進階功能中,我們將涵蓋如何將您團隊的工作效率提升到更高水平。
We will help you discover how to create message templates, scheduled messages, contact groups, broadcast messages, enable payments for upscaling and work with our automation. 我們將幫助您了解如何創建消息模板、預定消息、聯繫人組別、廣播消息、啟用升級付款以及使用我們的自動化功能。
To dive into Advanced functions, click here: 要深入了解進階功能,請單擊此處:

What's Next? 下一步是?

If you're new to imBee, we suggest you go through with the basics first to get acclimated with managing your team inbox before diving deeper into more advanced functions. We will take it step-by-step in the next section Basics. 如果您是 imBee 的新手,我們建議您先學習基礎知識以適應管理團隊收件箱,然後再深入研究更高級的功能。 我們將在下一節基礎中逐步教學。
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