Settings 設置
Congratulations! At this point, you have covered most, if not all of imBee's functionality. It's time now to master the settings to make sure your team is always in the move!
恭喜! 至此,您已經涵蓋了 imBee 的大部分功能。 現在是掌握設置以確保您的團隊始終在進步的時候了!

⚙️ What will settings cover? 設置將涵蓋哪些內容? ⚙️

User Permission 用戶權限

Collaboration is at the heart of imBee, which makes management of use all the more important. Your team will undoubtedly have varying access to functions for a more streamline team workflow. 協作是 imBee 的核心,這使得使用管理變得更加重要。 毫無疑問,您的團隊將擁有不同的功能訪問權限,以實現更簡化的團隊工作流程。
Jump here to learn how to set up User Permissions: 跳到這裡了解如何設置用戶權限:

Contact Fields & Onboarding 聯繫方式和入職

Managing your contacts and what about them that is relevant at hand makes for better, faster informed decisions. ImBee gives you an opportunity to control how and what view you have on your dear customers. 管理您的聯繫人以及他們手頭的相關信息有助於做出更好、更快的明智決策。 ImBee 讓您有機會控制您對親愛客戶的看法和看法。
Jump here to learn how to set up Contact Fields & Onboarding: 跳到這裡了解如何設置聯繫方式和入職:

Tags 標籤

The tagging function opens up a world of possibility in automation and routing, giving imBee the work to direct your best talent to the customer needs that demands them. Allocate Faster, Respond better. 標記功能為自動化和分流開闢了一個充滿可能性的世界,讓 imBee 能夠將您的最佳人才引導到需要他們的客戶需求上。 分配更快,響應更好。
Jump here to learn how to set up Tags: 跳到這裡了解如何設置標籤:

Quick Replies 快速回复

No need to get worked up on writing long replies, over and over again to the same questions. Quick Replies make it as easy as a short command in return for a pre-made, pre-approved, optimized reply. 無需為相同的問題一遍又一遍地寫長篇回复。 快速回复就像一個簡短的命令一樣簡單,以換取預先製作、預先批准、優化的回复。
Jump here to learn how to set up your Quick Replies: 跳到此處了解如何設置您的快速回复:

Web Widget 網頁小工具

Expanding touch points for your dear customers is a cross-industry proven strategy in retaining them and keeping them in your circle. One touch point that invites automation and personalization is Web Widget. 為您親愛的客戶擴大接觸點是一種跨行業行之有效的策略,可以留住他們並讓他們留在您的圈子中。 邀請自動化和個性化的一個接觸點是 Web Widget。
Jump here to learn how to set up your own Web Widget: 跳到此處了解如何設置您自己的 Web Widget:

What's Next 下一步是?

So let's begin! Start with managing what your team can and cannot do, create clear tools for values for better teamwork, workflow and to optimize your service. Click Next to start with User Permission. 那麼讓我們開始吧! 從管理您的團隊能做什麼和不能做什麼開始,為更好的團隊合作、工作流程和優化您的服務的價值創建清晰的工具。 單擊“下一步”以“用戶權限”開始。
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