Analytics 分析
You must want to know how's your team doing in overall. This is critical for your company in improvement and decision making. 您一定想知道您的團隊整體情況如何。這對貴公司的改進和決策至關重要。
In Dashboard, you can view how one user is performing. It mainly measures the response time and the resolution time of the daily operation. 在儀表板中,您可以查看一位用戶的表現。它主要衡量日常操作的回應時間和解決時間。
To jump right into the Dashboard, click here: 要直接進入儀表板,請單擊此處:
Monitor is for the whole team, here you can explore the overall inbox operation and channel activity. 監控是針對整個團隊的,在這裡您可以探索整體收件箱操作和頻道活動。
To jump right into the Monitor, click here: 要直接進入監測,請單擊此處:
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