Mobile App 移動應用程序

Rest assured! imBee does not leave you even when you are out to get coffee - bring it with you with our Mobile App, available on both iOS and Android devices.

放心! 即使您出去喝咖啡,imBee 也不會離開您 - 使用我們的移動應用程序隨身攜帶,iOS 和 Android 設備均可使用。

imBee also exists within your grasps! imBee 也在您的掌握之中!

imBee is proud to exist on both a desktop setting and on a Mobile Application setting. Beginning to use the app in itself is as easy as a simple login - Download our application now! imBee 能夠同時存在於桌面環境和移動應用程序環境中。 開始使用imBee應用程序就像登錄一樣簡單 - 立即下載我們的應用程序!

For IOS Users IOS用戶

Link to 連結至 App Store:

For Android Users Android用戶

Link to 連結至 Google Play Store: