Notifications 通知
Make the imBee platform more and more of your own by setting up Notifications! 通過設置通知,創建屬於您自己的 imBee 平台!

How to set up Notifications..如何設置通知..

Manually? 手動?

You and your team can actually turn notifications on/off manually within the browser you are using. 您和您的團隊可以在您使用的瀏覽器中手動打開/關閉通知。
On Safari, you can see the speaker symbol on the right side of your tab, simply toggle it on and off to control your notification. 在 Safari 上,您可以在選項卡右側看到揚聲器符號,只需打開和關閉它即可控制您的通知。
If your team is using Chrome, simply go to the lock symbol to the immediate right of the link on the search bar of Chrome, click on it, and you will find that you can toggle instructions to allow microphone, and notifications. 如果您的團隊正在使用 Chrome,只需轉到 Chrome 搜索欄鏈接右側的鎖定符號,單擊它,您會發現可以切換指令以允許麥克風和通知。

Within imBee? 在 imBee 內?

This feature is currently under maintenance. We apologize! In-platform notification setting will come back soon!
很抱歉! 此功能目前正在維護中。 平台內通知設置將很快恢復!

What's Next? 下一步是?

After finishing up on your own settings and notifications, it's time to begin building the accounts for the rest of your team! Click next to learn about how you could set up for your team! 完成您自己的設置和通知後,是時候開始為您團隊的其他成員建立帳戶了! 單擊下一步以了解如何為您的團隊進行設置!
Last modified 4mo ago