For Your Team 為您的團隊而設

Teamwork makes the dream work, but there's no teamwork without teams! In the next couple pages, you will learn how to build your teams within imBee and with that - assign their skills!

團隊合作成就夢想,但沒有團隊就沒有合作! 在接下來的幾頁中,您將學習如何在 imBee 中建立您的團隊,並在此分配他們的技能!

Set up Your Team 組建你的團隊

You will learn how to create your teams, enable routing capabilities and manage them to improve your teams workflow in this section. 在本節中,您將學習如何創建團隊、啟用分流功能並管理它們以改進您的團隊工作流程。

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Set up Their Skills 設置技能

Here, you will learn about one of the most important setting-up process in all for your use in imBee, which deals with managing the assignment of skills - laying the groundwork for your eventual use of Routing. 在這裡,您將了解在 imBee 中使用的最重要的設置過程之一,它涉及管理技能分配 - 為您最終使用分流奠定基礎。

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What's Next? 下一步是?

Before you go ahead working with Skills, firstly, let's build your Team. With this, you are giving your people the collaboration and structure they need to perform at their best. 在您繼續使用"技能"之前,首先,讓我們建立您的團隊。 有了這個,您就為您的員工提供了他們發揮最佳表現所需的結構基礎。