For You 為你而設

It starts with you! Before setting imBee to fit your team's needs, set it up to fit yours first. Getting started will take you on an end-to-end journey to kickstart your workflow here at imBee!

從你開始! 在設置 imBee 以滿足您團隊的需求之前,請先將其設置以適合您的需求。 "入門" 將帶您踏上端對端在 imBee 開始工作的旅程!

Setting up Your Account 設置您的帳戶

The first course of action for you would be to set up your account! In the next section you will learn where and how to set up your account details, access and more. 您的第一個行動是設置您的帳戶! 在下一部分中,您將了解在何處以及如何設置您的帳戶詳細信息、訪問權限等。

Click here to jump into Setting up Account: 單擊此處跳轉到設置帳戶:

Setting up Notifications 設置通知

Secondly is to control how and what notifies you - this is absolutely important to keep you and your team at sharp edge in service, attend to your dear clients' beckons, making for the best service operation your team can offer. 其次是控制您的通知方式和內容—這對於讓您和您的團隊在服務中保持領先地位、滿足您親愛的客戶的召喚至關重要,使您的團隊能夠提供最佳服務。

Click here to jump into Notifications: 單擊此處跳轉到通知:

What's Next? 下一步是?

Here we go! Whenever you are ready, jump right in to the next page to learn the in-and-outs of your account, setting it up to best serve you to best serve your team, to best serve your customers! 開始了! 準備好後,立即跳到下一頁以了解帳戶詳情,將其設置成為您、您的團隊、您的客戶提供最好的服務!