WhatsApp Business API
Here, you will learn how to connect and apply for WhatsApp Business API through our platform. The powerful integration lets you empower your business through WhatsApp own business settings!
在這裡,您將學習如何通過我們的平台連接和申請 WhatsApp 商業帳號 API。 強大的整合讓您可以通過 WhatsApp 的業務設置您自己的業務!

Connecting WhatsApp to imBee 連接 WhatsApp 到 imBee

Our platform will guide you with instructions, even within imBee itself and within Add Channel once you have chosen WhatsApp. A form will popup for you and your team to fill. Fear not however! We are here with you in every step of the way. 我們的平台將為您在 imBee 和選擇 WhatsApp 後的添加頻道中也提供指導。 一個表格將會彈出供您和您的團隊填寫。 然而不要害怕! 我們在每一步都與您同在。

Apply for WhatsApp Business API 申請 WhatsApp Business AP

What else can you do? 你還能做?

All you can do is wait! Back on the main Channels page, you could view your pending application on Application Record on the top right corner of the page. 你能做的就是等待! 返回主頻道頁面,您可以在頁面右上角的申請記錄中查看您的待處理申請。
Simply wait for the acceptance in the 1-2 weeks specified - then you are ready to go! 只需在指定的 1-2 週內等待接受 - 然後您就可以開始了!

What's Next? 下一步是?

WhatsApp is powerful - but social media, arguably began with the globally known, age-defying Facebook, and we do not cut corners on integrations! Click next to learn how to connect imBee to Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp 很強大——但社交媒體可以說是從全球知名的、抗老的 Facebook 開始的,我們不會在整合方面走捷徑! 單擊下一步了解如何將 imBee 連接到 Facebook Messenger。
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