WeChat 微信服務號
WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose social media app powering businesses and individual interests since 2011. Take your business here with imBee and scale up!
微信是自 2011 年以來為企業和個人興趣服務的中國多用途社交媒體應用程序。通過 imBee 將您的業務帶到這裡並擴大規模!

Connecting WeChat to imBee 連接微信到imBee

It's beyond simple! Simply pick WeChat once you're on Add Channel, and you will be prompted to authorize the official account. Simply follow the prompt and you are ready to go! 太簡單了! 在添加頻道後,只需選擇微信,系統就會提示您授權官方帳戶。 只需按照提示操作即可!

Scan the QR code and select the official account 掃描二維碼,選擇公眾號

Please use the administrator WeChat of this Official account to scan the QR code and select the official account that you would want integrated into imBee. 請使用該公眾號的管理員微信掃描二維碼,選擇您要整合到imBee的公眾號。
Once that is settled, you are completely ready! 一旦確定,你就完全準備好了!

What's Next? 下一步是?

The next instant messaging platform imBee could help you take your business to is Line, another powerful tool to take your business scale-up to the next level. 下一個即時通訊平台 imBee 可以幫助您提升業務的是Line,另一個將您的業務擴展到一個新水平的強大工具。
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