Manage Your Channels 管理您的頻道
Channels are the tunnels to which you will take via imBee to reach out to your customers most effectively. Learning to connect them, manage them and optimize them is beyond important!
頻道是您通過 imBee 最有效地接觸客戶的通道。 學習連接、管理並優化它們是非常重要!

Connecting Channels 連接頻道

As you start, you will have to connect the channels that add value to your services. Fortunately, imBee has taken the steps to make sure that clear instructions are available both here in the help centre and on every each process for each IM platform that imBee has native integrations with. 開始時,您必須連接頻道。 幸運的是,imBee 已採取措施以確保在幫助中心以及與 imBee 整合的每個 IM 平台的每個流程中都有明確的說明。
With the flexibility and powerful integrations to connect and manage, imBee will allow you to transform your service outreach to a more personalized level - unified like never before. 憑藉用於連接和管理的靈活性和強大的整合,imBee 使您能夠將服務範圍轉變為更加個性化的水平 - 前所未有的統一。

Where can I find Channels? 我在哪裡可以找到頻道?

You can find Channels under Settings on the right main menu. Click it and you will access the Channels page to start working on connecting different channels and managing them well. 您可以在右側主菜單的“設置”下找到“頻道”。 單擊它,您將訪問“頻道”頁面,開始連接不同的頻道並妥善管理它們。

How to manage Channels? 如何管理頻道?

When you first reach the Channels page, you will be met by a comprehensive list of all the available channels you would already have set up. Each row would represent an open channel, you would see its name, the IM channel it uses and who owns it. When you press the more button to the most right of each channel, you have the option for Settings and Delete. 當您第一次到達頻道頁面時,您會看到一個包含您已經設置的所有可用頻道的完整列表。 每行代表一個開放頻道,您會看到它的名稱、它使用的 IM 頻道以及誰擁有它。 當您按每個頻道最右側的更多按鈕時,您可以選擇設置刪除

Settings 設置

If you choose settings, you will be directed to a workspace that allows you to view and update details and settings of the specific set-up channel - make sure to click update to complete the process! 如果您選擇設置,您將到一個工作區,該工作區允許您查看和更新特定設置通道的詳細信息和設定 - 請務必單擊更新以完成更新!
Delete 刪除
Or you could simply delete the channel when your team deems it no longer of value within your services. imBee will prompt you to confirm deletion and you may then continue on. 或者,當您的團隊認為它在您的服務中不再有價值時,您可以簡單地刪除該頻道。 imBee 會提示您確認刪除,然後繼續。
And finally, you can manage how you view the channels as you can toggle between the different integrations, such as WhatsApp for all WhatsApp Business API channels or Twilio for SMS and Phone Calls, to view only specific ones. 最後,您可以管理您查看頻道的方式,因為您可以在不同的整合平台之間切換以查看特定的頻道,例如用於所有 WhatsApp Business API 頻道的 WhatsApp 或用於短信和電話的 Twilio。

How to add Channels? 如何添加頻道?

Simply go the top right corner to find Add Channel, you will be met with a popup that prompts you to choose between different channels and here, we actually provide step-by-step guides to make sure your integrations are seamless. 只需轉到右上角找到添加頻道,您就會看到一個彈出窗口,提示您在不同頻道之間進行選擇,在這裡,我們提供了無縫整合的指南。

What are the Channels Available? 有哪些頻道?

Well, we are proud to have integrations with: 我們很榮幸能與整合:

WhatsApp Business API WhatsApp 商業帳號API

Facebook Messenger

WeChat 微信

Line 連我

Phone Call & SMS 電話和短信

and more will be coming soon! 還有更多即將推出!

What's Next? 下一步是?

So let's begin! We begin with our most native of integrations, WhatsApp - utilizing the state-of-the-art WhatsApp Business API to power the connection, learn all you have to learn to get started on the next page! 開始吧! 從我們最原生的整合 WhatsApp 開始——利用最先進的 WhatsApp 商業帳號API 為連接提供動力,在下一頁了解您需要學習的所有知識!
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