LINE is a freeware app empowering instant messages across different devices. It has continually become a source of business for many businesses. Get started with it with imBee!
LINE 是一款免費軟件應用程序,可在不同設備上提供即時消息。 它已成為許多企業的業務來源。 使用 imBee 開始吧!

Connecting LINE to imBee 連接 LINE 到 imBee

Like many of the IM discussed before, the instructions to connect LINE to imBee is actually available as you go, and guided carefully at that, within the platform and within Add Channel already. imBee seeks to make this start as easy and seamless as possible. 像之前討論的許多 IM 一樣,將 LINE 連接到 imBee 的說明隨時可見,並且已經在平台內和添加頻道內進行了仔細指導。 imBee 力求讓這個開始變得簡單和無縫。

1. Enter Display Name 輸入顯示名稱

2. Sign in/Create LINE Official Account 登錄/創建 LINE 官方賬號

Using your LINE account credentials, sign in to the LINE Official Accounts Platform. Create a new Provider if you do not have one already! 使用您的 LINE 帳號憑據登錄 LINE 官方帳號平台。 如果您還沒有provider,請創建一個新的provider!

3. Register LINE Developer Account 註冊 LINE 開發者賬號

Follow this step by step guide from official LINE website to create a new Messaging Api Channel 按照 LINE 官方網站上的指南創建一個新的 Messaging API 頻道:
1. Create a new Provider if you do not have one already 如果您還沒有 provider,請創建一個新的 provider
2. Fill in the necessary information 填寫必要信息
3. Select "Create a Messaging API Channel". 選擇“創建 Messaging API 頻道”
4. Create a new LINE Messaging API channel 創建一個新的 LINE Messaging API 頻道

4. Issue Channel Secret 發佈頻道密碼

Open channel setting page and scroll down, Copy and paste the channel secret. 打開頻道設置頁面並向下滾動,複製並粘貼頻道密碼。

5. Issue Long-lived Token 發行長期代幣

Under Messaging settings, copy and paste access token here 在 Messaging 設置下,將訪問代幣複製並粘貼到此處。
Press Create to complete. 按"創建"完成。

6. Enable Webhook 啟用 Webhook

Steps to Follow: 步驟:
  1. 1.
    Under Messaging settings, enable Webhook 在Messaging設置下,啟用 Webhook
  2. 2.
    Copy the url below and paste it in Webhook URL 複製下面的 url 並將其粘貼到 Webhook URL 中

What's Next? 下一步是?

Let's get back to basics! Just because you're here connecting this and that IM platforms, any business still can thrive on simple Phone Call & SMS, and imBee has the integrations just for you. 讓我們回到基礎! 雖然您可以在這裡連接了這個和那個 IM 平台,任何企業仍然可以通過簡單的電話和短信而蓬勃發展,imBee 也有適合您的整合。
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